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Uncomplicated feel of NYC love

We went to listen to and watch live music today. It reminded me of the warmth of how society used to be. I watched men dance with women. I watched men ask women to dance, without a bunch of bumping, grinding and arrhythmic, anti-graceful moves, devoid of romance and spirit. They were floating, in sync with one another, classic feet on the clouds. A woman tried to teach my daughter and niece how to dance. If you were in the room, you could feel the energy. It was like going back in time. I dropped my troubles at the doors. Another woman came up and introduced herself and began a conversation about the recent departure of her husband from this earth. As I entered a store, a man cut in front of me. He insisted on opening the door for me, practically knocking it off the hinges, announcing my arrival. I felt loved, my children were welcomed and loved too. I felt community. I love my city. I love New York City.


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