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Love, Motherhood and Memories: Wakanda Forever

On Wednesday I took my babies to see Wakanda Forever in 3D Imax. Yes, it was worth it! We loved the movie! Seeing my children reach their arms out in front of their faces, to touch the 3D objects made me giggle. It made me remember my first Imax movie, in this theatre, although I don't remember what it was. In that moment, I was living through one of their newest and dearest memories. Everyone should see this movie, but especially If you are a woman, if you have daughters, if you have children of color, YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE! There were so many messages of perseverance and unbridled genius, woven into the plot of the movie. Themes of motherhood and what it means to be a mother were central. Angela Bassett as The Queen Mother of Wakanda was a moving performance. Without giving away too much, the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman interlaced into the story, was an emotional, deeply respectful and beautiful tribute. The writing and artistry was absolute genius. Oh and definitely see the end credits, there's an important part of the story bound to bring a tear to the hardest eye. Go see Wakanda Forever!


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