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Risqué is a collection of well written, short steamy stories for the adult reader.

First Story: Bikini: "I wanted to get my bikini waxed for my extended Caribbean vacation. I made a new friend at the spa, Valery. Valery was gentle, considerate, and kind. Valery knew it was my first time getting waxed and took extra care of me. I went home to my husband with more than just a wax job."

Second Story: Aisle Seat: "I was traveling to Italy, with a stopover in Heathrow. My husband refused to switch seats with me, after the person next to me was crowding my seat. The pilot invited me to spend the flight in first class with him, behind the curtain. The pilot was kind enough to accommodate my needs en route to Napoli."

Third Story: Handicap Seating Only: “I went out for a night on the town all by myself and met Anthony. His face was a gift from God, and I was intrigued. He never got up, and as I watched him from afar, I realized that he was in a wheelchair. Although he was differently abled after his motorcycle accident, he was still a man. I forgot all about his motorcycle accident in the comfort of his Chelsea penthouse.

Fourth Story: Offline: “I signed up to be a professional cuddler because I needed to make ends meet after my husband lost his job. But the truth was that I needed the connection, I needed to feel human and escape my empty marriage. I cut off all my clients except for Brock, he was special. He didn’t know it though. He asked me to do things to him, that didn’t involve sex, but also weren’t just cuddling. He had turned me into his Dom and I secretly liked it.”

Fifth Story: Bakery: “I was anticipating seeing my best friend from high school back home. His brother was my boyfriend. I had always loved him as a girl, but never told him. He was everything that my crazy secret fantasies were. When I finally got back in touch with him, I could barely contain myself, I wondered if he felt something for me. I wanted my fantasies to be real, and it turns out that they were. As fate would have it, we were more of a match than we could even imagine."

Note to readers: reader discretion is highly advised. This is a romance novel, containing erotic, picturesque depictions of MF/BWWM/BDSM relationships, so mature readers only, please and thank you.

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