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I began working at MAGN in January of 2020 and I loved everything about the place. Soon after, COVID-19 came and everyone was afraid of the Corona Virus. Lock down happened here in Manhattan, quarantine hit, and I was stuck at home with my abusive husband, Jonathan. My superior, Colin, helped me to escape my husband by allowing me to come to the office as much as possible, he even gave me my own set of keys. Colin was a great boss and a friend, who was also married. Eventually I end up spending more time underneath him and not just under him, as a colleague. Someone learns our secret and is willing to expose us. Colin and I cannot let that happen, we will do anything to remain a secret, even kill.

Note to readers: reader discretion is highly advised. This is a romance novel, containing erotic, picturesque depictions of MF/BWWM relationships, so mature readers only, please and thank you.

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