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"Coffee Champagne Cosmo & MaryJane: The beauty and justice of betrayal, a story of love and karma set in the heart of Manhattan" is about a wife, Nera, who is unfulfilled in her marriage by her narcissistic husband, Gedeon. Gedeon is only a husband according to the courts. No one would consider him for the actual label of husband. His disregard for Nera's basic needs and emotional abuse leads her into the arms of Cosmo. Cosmo is the paramount of handsomeness and kind-hearted. She thinks their meeting is by chance, but it turns out that it was anything but. Nera's marriage is childless and Gedeon wants it that way, unfortunately for Nera. Nera soon hears the call of Nature in Cosmo's arms, falls in love, and soon he is the father of her child. Their affair and infidelity have led to something more, but Cosmo isn't who he says he is. Who is Cosmo, really?
Note to readers: reader discretion is highly advised.

This is a romance novel, containing erotic, picturesque depictions of MF/BWWM relationships, so mature readers only, please and thank you.

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